New job and other news

Guys, I have a new job in NRK P2. As you may know already I am a person with many hats. Music is my passion, but I also enjoy doing various things within culture and academia. I recently rounded up my own radio show / podcast Solveigs Speisa Musikk (it will keep existing in the æther and on a pop-up basis) and found time to look for something new. I came to notice that NRK (Norwegian National Broadcast) needed people to work for them at busy times and my inner voice said something like “I MUST GET THAT JOB” (profound, r ight?). And I went for it. This is how I did it (it wasn’t easy) —-> Only for people who can guess the password (currently it is something famously known as the answer to everything). You can also ask me;) – trying out something new here: My secret (soon to be dionysian) room.

I also had a speisa party! It was so so nice. A band played, two DJs played, there was a round of slavic songs, and some of my dearest friends and others were there. Perhaps I should make more parties like that!

Oh, and I am also collaborating with Bjørn Charles Dreyer and Saleh Mahfoud on some music (mainly my compositions) that we will play at the opening of the house of geology in Oslo. I really really want to get it on tape! They are AMAZING musicians and creators and I love them.

While I’m at it: I will be working on a duet for singers, strings quintet and piano. Part of my opera in the making (ask me for the secret link!). More on that soon!

Me snapping a classic mirror toilet selfie during the party for Solveigs Speisa Musikk

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I make things happen. Artist and producer for PYSJ Composer for Solveig Sørbø Producer of MusicLab Radio podcaster for Solveigs Speisa Musikk Manager for i love yellow and soursoil rec Communication and documentation for Barokksolistene

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