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Righ now I am:

  • Going to London with my librettist Maria Kjos Fonn! Will work on Heroin Chic, network and dance!
  • Just finished three applications! Keep producing!
  • Getting shit done / Not getting shit done
  • Working on my headaches:/
  • Flirting with sibmisson wrestling and other stuff
  • Writing scores for three different renditions of my Love Theme which will be performed in Nasjonalmuseet, at Interpuls Festival and somewhere i LA!
  • Dating / not dating
  • Getting carried away dreaming up a toiletry business (not much happening, I’m afraid! But in a parallell universe, and maybe in the fture, I’m a business woman!)
  • Thinking of new collabs in Poland, Germany, France, the UK and Norway. Let’s see how it goes.
  • Running meetups for my secret boho network
  • Developing Heroin Chic (opera), had a part of it premiered in Stavanger Concert Hall and fingers crossed for more commissions
  • Writing an article about MusicLab for Music and Science, it has some back with some revision suggestions, so back to that soon
  • Being handy in my new home…
  • Hoping to get more AV jobs (if you add /av to the end of my url you can see my portfolio
  • Learning to drive
  • Working at NRK radio
  • Taking lots of naps
  • Thinking about finallizing that group training certification in yoga…
  • Maybe soon about to fix the dionysian room as it is probs as much Apolloan, and also almost empty
  • As always: being mom and dad for my three kiddos!
  • Enjoying my very own piano! It is a heavenly Schimmel 106 – I am a big fan of the soft sound you get when using the felt pedal (to me that is nicer than any exquisit grand piano). I feel like I am one with my piano.
  • Visit my linktree (below) to find my newest content and events!

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Me in my old home studio

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