Righ now I am:

  • Thinking of new collabs in Poland, Germany, France and Norway. Let’s see how it goes.
  • Running meetups for my secret boho network
  • Developing Heroin Chic (opera), just had a part of it premiered in Stavanger Concert Hall
  • Writing an article about MusicLab for Music and Science (writer’s block)
  • Not organizing my new home
  • Promoting my upcoming releases with Catharina Chen, Petter Richter, Audun Sandvik and Ayumi Tanaka
  • Learning to drive (my teacher is ghosting me!)
  • Working at NRK radio
  • Taking lots of naps
  • As always: being mom and dad for my three kiddos!
  • Enjoying my very own piano! It is a heavenly Schimmel 106 – I am a big fan of the soft sound you get when using the felt pedal (to me that is nicer than any exquisit grand piano). I feel like I am one with my piano.

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Me in my old home studio
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