Solveig Sørbø is an autodidact composer, music producer and musician who makes chamber music, film scores, vocal music, as well as alternative fusion music with Pysj. She has played concerts in Norway, Germany and Italy, presentet at an EEA conference in Slovakia, her music has been featured in audiovisual productions and she recently scored the documentary film “Hans pluss Liv” (NRK). She is interested in mixing symphonic sections with electroacoustics and synthesized sounds, employing various tonalities and incorporating improvised elements and sonifications. With a strong commitment to traditional elements including melody and harmony she aims at creating music that has a standalone value as well as supports the vision defined by the project. She recently recorded music with Arve Tellefsen, Ayumi Tanaka, Audun Sandvik and Petter Richter, and an album is set to release in 2022.

Solveig Sørbø

Om Song’s Blooms

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