Solsnu means solstice in Norwegian. To me it is the idea of change and that change is paramount. It also makes me think of rituals, abstracted from religion, as well as our place in the universe. I want Solsnu to be an open platform for limitless indie borderline classical music, and I’d like to connect to events taking place during solstices, eclipses, sunrises, sunsets, sun days, midlight sunshine etc. The all-giving, all-starting sun gives me so many excuses to create.

Our first project: Heroin Chic (Fonn / Sørbø) – contact me if you’d like to hear my first death aria which was performed at VoxLAB’s belated solstice concert in February 2022. The event inspired part of the lyrical content of the aria, and both the former and latter were part of the inspiration behind Solsnu.

I mørket skal sola forlise

Og jeg skal slukne i lyset

Skyt meg opp som et stjerneskudd

Gi meg solen når den har snudd

(“Elise” in “Voggesang ved soloppgang” by Maria Kjos Fonn and Solveig Sørbø)

Photo by Daniel Torobekov on

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