Heroin Chic – Opera

I received grants from Norsk Komponistforening, TONO and NOPA in order to develop the opera “Heroin Chic” 💰💰💰 (thank you!) This means that we are a step closer to realizing this very ambitious project, and I am so thrilled! While this is an important step, we still need to get much more funding so that we can assemble a whole team and get shit done! Here is me sending a message in a bottle 🍾 out on the vast oceans hoping someone will be interested in a collaboration. The message reads:

Dear reader! I am so happy you found my message. Do you work with an ensemble, an opera house or perhaps a festival? Would you like to work with me on making an opera about substance abuse, promiscuity, a cunning death wish, light and darkness? Below is more information and a short video where you hear a little bit of the aria “Voggesang ved soloppgang”. I also have a project description and many work samples that I’ll gladly share with you if you are interested. Do get in touch if you have any questions or just want a peek into our process. Hope to hear from you soon! xx Sincerely, Solveig Sørbø

Introduction: Elise comes from a musical home at Uranienborg in Oslo. Everything is seemingly safe, yet she wants to get away from home. She wants to be weightless, not leave traces. She tries everything. Asceticism, transgressions, too little too much. Finally it’s there. The intoxication that gives her everything she has wanted – namely nothing. To fade out, get numb. Heroin chic is an opera about a social descent without any clear cause. About a disorder that is not soiled by external circumstances. It is enough in itself. The essence.

Format: The opera is threefold and can be performed in parts or in one. The opera needs a small orchestra and singers, and we are open to upscaling and downscaling. One of the parts is a church opera, hence a great fit for church music festivals, but all parts can be adapted to different conditions.

From “Voggesang ved soloppgang” by Maria Kjos Fonn and Solveig Sørbø, performed at Biermannsgården by Susanna Wolff, Sverre Indris Joner, Visobel Black and Mirsaeed Hosseiny Panah.

Published by Solveig

I make things happen. Artist and producer for PYSJ Composer for Solveig Sørbø Producer of MusicLab Radio podcaster for Solveigs Speisa Musikk Manager for i love yellow and soursoil rec Communication and documentation for Barokksolistene

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