New job and other news

Guys, I have a new job in NRK P2. As you may know already I am a person with many hats. Music is my passion, but I also enjoy doing various things within culture and academia. I recently rounded up my own radio show / podcast Solveigs Speisa Musikk (it will keep existing in the æther and on a pop-up basis) and found time to look for something new. I came to notice that NRK (Norwegian National Broadcast) needed people to work for them at busy times and my inner voice said something like “I MUST GET THAT JOB” (profound, r ight?). And I went for it. This is how I did it (it wasn’t easy) —-> Only for people who can guess the password (currently it is something famously known as the answer to everything). You can also ask me;) – trying out something new here: My secret (soon to be dionysian) room.

I also had a speisa party! It was so so nice. A band played, two DJs played, there was a round of slavic songs, and some of my dearest friends and others were there. Perhaps I should make more parties like that!

Oh, and I am also collaborating with Bjørn Charles Dreyer and Saleh Mahfoud on some music (mainly my compositions) that we will play at the opening of the house of geology in Oslo. I really really want to get it on tape! They are AMAZING musicians and creators and I love them.

While I’m at it: I will be working on a duet for singers, strings quintet and piano. Part of my opera in the making (ask me for the secret link!). More on that soon!

Me snapping a classic mirror toilet selfie during the party for Solveigs Speisa Musikk

MusicLab Copenhagen vant en pris og jeg besøkte P2!

Fjorårets storveise MusicLab med Danish String Quartet vant prisen “Årets klassiske begivenhed” som deles ut av Danmarks Radio. Prisen gikk til DSQ og RITMO, men jeg føler meg også stolt siden jeg var med å starte selve MusicLab! Her er en sak i Ballade og i tillegg var jeg gjest i Studio 2 hvor jeg snakket om MusicLab, musikkforskning og viktigheten av musikalske opplevelser.

Conference in Slovakia

Hello there! A few weeks ago I participated in a conference in Slovakia together with Erlend Mokkelbost and Per Skranglebein as “cultural experts”. The project is about an old manor house in a small bat-loving Slovak village called Želiezovce, which also has a folk music festival. I hope to keep contributing to this! Here is my video for the conference. The assignment was to present myself and my work, and the bonus is that I now have a decent reel / presentation video. Get to know me in 4 minutes below, and read about the project here.

The video was made by the amazing Mali Galaaen Røsseth and myself.


I have some exciting news coming up soon. I will be teaming up with an engineer behind a really popular app, developing some content. Say no more… Actually I really wanna say it! I am always like that. I buy people gifts and can’t wait til the occasion, just give it straight away. I make music and can’t wait with releasing it even though I know a publishing plan is important. Still, I have plenty of music still in progress, for years, and it aches me. Oh, btw, I will try to process write a bit here sometimes, not self-criticizing too much. The readily thought and polished utterances are plenty everywhere, so let us see where my new ways lead…

Image: Me by me holding hair band as if it had some significance.

Innslag på Dagsrevyen med Arve Tellefsen

Klyp meg i armen! Arve Tellefsen, fantastiske Arve Tellefsen, har vært i studio og spilt inn en ny versjon jeg har lagd av «Kjærlighetstema (fra Hans + Liv)». Dagsrevyen var innom i forbindelse med et innslag om filmen og at Hans Waaler, hovedpersonen i denne nydelige dokumentaren jeg har komponert musikken sin, fikk treffe sitt idol som spilte hans og konas kjærlighetstema.

Me talking to the national evening news
Arve Tellefsen playing «Kjærlighetstema (fra Hans + Liv»)