Conference in Slovakia

Hello there! A few weeks ago I participated in a conference in Slovakia together with Erlend Mokkelbost and Per Skranglebein as “cultural experts”. The project is about an old manor house in a small bat-loving Slovak village called Želiezovce, which also has a folk music festival. I hope to keep contributing to this! Here is my video for the conference. The assignment was to present myself and my work, and the bonus is that I now have a decent reel / presentation video. Get to know me in 4 minutes below, and read about the project here.

The video was made by the amazing Mali Galaaen Røsseth and myself.

Published by Solveig

I make things happen. Artist and producer for PYSJ Composer for Solveig Sørbø Producer of MusicLab Radio podcaster for Solveigs Speisa Musikk Manager for i love yellow and soursoil rec Communication and documentation for Barokksolistene

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