Five Songs of the Bodied

Five Songs of the Bodied is a minimalist song cycle for voice and piano. The work is inspired by stories of men who have committed, witnessed or been victims of (sexual) violence between men. The songs are nevertheless abstracted to apply to more general trauma and regret and the existential crisis that may follow. The song (Nothing) mentions a number of definitions of nothingness, as seen in philosophy, mathematics and theology.

Susanna Wolff performs Five Songs of the Bodied
Performed by: Susanna Wolff (soprano) and Solveig Sørbø (piano)
Words and music by: Solveig Sørbø
Film by: Mali Galaaen Røsseth
Sound by: Åse Ava Fredheim

Originally conceived for contratenor in order to reflect the frailty of the men, and their wish to be remembered as innocent boys, it has been arranged for a mezzo-range voice and placed in an androgyneous, minimalist setting.

i. Undo

ii. Lament

iii. Before Body

iv. Boy

v. (Nothing)


Do you own the key to infinity?
Is there such a thing as a void?
What do they call an empty set?
Nothing. Nothing

Is it God or is it godless?
Antithetical to pure being
What is devoid of properties?
Nothing. Nothing.


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