Concert in Stavanger Concert Hall

On August 4th I have something big coming up! I will have a new work premiered in Stavanger Concert Hall! Soprano Julie Hasfjord will perform the aria “Elises klage” (“Elise’s Lament”) as well as “Gi meg solen” / “Voggesang ved soloppgang” (“Give me the Sun” / Lullaby at Dawn) together with some brilliant musicians: Ashley Tong (violin), Sebastian Kolin (cello) and Jonathan Siahaan (piano) of the award-winning Heathcliff Trio will be joined by Elena K. Cotrone (violin), Xiaoti Guo (viola) and Ådne Sæverud (organ). The performance is part of a free concert featuring works by 8 composers invited by the festival Stavanger K&Mfest (big thanks!). This will be the first time I get to use the gigantic and majestic organ of the Fartein Valen hall (thank you!), and I am extremely excited about it! There is space for an audience of 1500 and I really hope the event can attract this many. With 8 composers and tens of musicians there should most definetely be music that will be music in your ears! Read more about the concert here. Hope to see you!

Published by Solveig

I make things happen. Artist and producer for PYSJ Composer for Solveig Sørbø Producer of MusicLab Radio podcaster for Solveigs Speisa Musikk Manager for i love yellow and soursoil rec Communication and documentation for Barokksolistene

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